Just Another Update

Hello Again

I honestly don’t remember the last time that I had enough free time to actually sit down and write, or even think about writing, a full blog post. And even in my free time at work, I’m easily distracted or the moment is brief and I have to get back to work. I’m currently working two jobs and starting to realize how precious time really is.

A Day in the Life

Usually, my days at the doctor’s office start at 9 or 10 am depending on what her schedule looks like. Then I’m working with her in the office until 1 pm. My second job of the day doesn’t have a microwave or refrigerator in the “break room”, and I was getting so tired of constantly spending money on eating out. My mom works a couple of exists away from both my jobs, so we worked out a deal where I can come in between the two and heat up my food. So I go and visit with her and stuff my face before I start job number two at 2 pm. I’m there until a little after 8 and then I head home, get changed, and go to the gym.

Are Wrinkles in?

I really like my sleep, so normally I have trouble fitting in the next important responsibilities such as laundry and keeping my room and car clean, since I prefer to get right in bed after work or the gym. I’m a very clean and organized person so the fact that I actually let my life get messy and unorganized shows just how much time I don’t have. It stresses me way out that I have clean unfolded laundry sitting in a laundry basket or that my bed hasn’t been made in a week. They’re little things, really, but after a 12 hour day, these little tasks seem rather daunting. Just thinking about all that I should do to organize my life as I write this is making me pretty anxious. The two cups of coffee probably don’t help either (haha).

But Wait, There’s More
Along with the two jobs and gym membership I’ve recently acquired, we’ve also started fostering a family friend’s dog. She’s actually barley a year old and is so playful and has so much energy and let me tell you, she’s exhausting! Ever since my last dog Alli passed away, I’ve been begging my parents to get another dog and they were not having it. So when Mia fell into our lap I was ecstatic and I think they were too just because they knew I’d want to take her on as my own. I 100% underestimated how big of a responsibility a puppy is. And since she is so young, she needs to be ran and played with during the day so that she isn’t up all night. I love playing with her and it really does help to clear my mind. When we first got her, she must of been used to getting up early because she’d be up and playful before 7 am without fail. As much extra stress as Mia does sometimes create, I’m so happy that she gets to be ours for the time being. She is so loving and happy all of the time, and I love having a pup to cuddle at night again.
Oh and Also 
And to add just one more thing to my plate, I enrolled in school last week! I’m so excited to finally be working towards my goals and can’t wait to learn everything esthetician school has to offer me. As of now I’m planning on keeping both of my jobs and going to school at night. I know it’s going to be though and I’m going to be stretched even thinner, but I also know it’s going to end up so worth it.
Getting Back on Track
I know in my last update blog post, I said I was going to be posting about once a week, however I greatly underestimated how hard that would actually be. I started writing this blog post in my free time at work probably a week ago, and I’m just now getting around to finishing it, typing it up, and posting it. I have another one in the works so have no fears, new material will be coming soon! Maybe just not as frequently as expected. Thank you to those of you that still read and share my posts, I really appreciate your support!

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