Hello Again World 

I’m Baaaaack

I feel like it’s always towards the end of the year that my life gets insanely busy and I kind of lose track of all of my goals and how much progress I’ve made with them. Well here we are mid-march and I have yet to get back into religiously writing for my blog. I think it’s just all of the hustle and bustle around the holidays, then I had a trip to Mexico and a failed move in January, Valentines Day stuff and a birthday in February, and then back to back birthday weekends all through March. Life has been nothing short of crazy since the last time I really sat down and wrote about my life, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think I’m on complaint number 1524563 this week, but no matter how many times I whine about being tired, I know that these are the days I’m going to look back on and be glad I filled my time with friends and experiences.

January Through March at a Glance

So January found me ringing in the New Year with one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on to celebrate the marriage of a family friend whom I’ve known for what feels like forever. You can read all about the trip and the beautiful wedding here. I also dropped out of college in January. I know every single one of my family members has probably stopped reading right here to get all crazy and call my mom or something, but just hear me out. I’ve been at Moorpark College since I graduated in 2013 and I have nothing to show for it except for some odd large amount of credits that can’t be applied to any type of degree. I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do with my life, or at least what I want to get my degree in, so I’m just burning myself out taking class after class of subjects I’m simply just have no interest in. My heart really isn’t in going to traditional college right now and I’m really not into wasting more of my time with it. And it’s not like I’m dropping out of school forever, I have a whole plan to get my started with the rest of my life, you’ll just have to wait for the next blog post to find out what that is. Just don’t get your panties in a bunch in the mean time.

February was one of the hugest whirlwinds of my entire life and I still can’t really put my feelings about the month into words. Just so much happened that wasn’t exactly positive just not exactly negative either. I also started going back to church every Sunday in February and I think all I can really say on the whole debacle is that God knows what He’s doing. Who am I to question the work he’s doing in my life right now? Other than the whole not positive not negative issues, February really wasn’t too shabby. I celebrated Chelsea’s 22nd birthday making that the about tenth birthday that I’ve spent with her. It’s so amazing being friends with someone so long that you’ve literally seen them grow up and they’ve become a permanent part of your family. I’m so incredibly thankful for Chelsea and her family and the years that they’ve been a rock for me. Okay, I’m getting teary I’m gonna stop now.

March was my birthday month, and honestly 22 has been one of my best birthdays yet! I’m so thankful for the people who celebrated with me all weekend and made it as exciting as it was. We had happy hour, went bar hopping and spent the night in Ventura, went to brunch at Junkyard, and spent the day at Universal Studios. I even kept the shenanigans rolling into Tuesday and celebrated with a friend whose birthday is on the 12th, by dancing our booties off at Taco Tuesday. I’m the queen of over-doing my birthdays and I’m sure people get fed up with it, but I have no regrets. This is definitely a birthday that hits the top of my list of my best birthdays ever. The Tuesday after my birthday weekend I started a new job as a receptionist for a Chiropractor in Westlake. While I’m still getting used to it, I really do like it and I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a little bit more money while I’m patiently waiting for my next adventure.

So What Now?

Since the day I turned 21, I’ve been talking about how I was going to use the year of 21 to have as much fun as possible without thinking twice and then use the year of 22 to really get my life on track. After how much fun I’ve this year I really just want to throw that all to the wayside and continue with the regular shenanigans that have been getting me in trouble all year. Obviously that won’t be the case, but I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with having some balance. I’m already taking the steps to building my savings back up and getting enrolled in school, it’s not a problem if I have a beer every once in a while.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks trying to post a blog at least once a week on some of the things that I’ve been up to, or tried out, or whatever recently so look out for those! And get ready cause I’m back everyone!


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