My DIY Bath Bombs Nightmare

I love Valentine’s Day. Like looooove it. I’ve been single on 20 out of the 21 Valentine’s days that I’ve been alive for, but it’s still my favorite hands down. So of course, just like I do for Christmas, I wanted to get all of my friends a little something. I thought a bath bomb in a themed goody bag would be something that’s cute, unique, and actually useful. I was just going to order them from a family friend, but I thought it might be more personal if I made them myself. I mean if all these people were doing it and selling them on Etsy, how hard could it really be?

So hard. Like sooooo hard. Friday night after work, I went to the store and got the ingredients for the first recipe I had found. I’m pretty sure it called for baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil, essential oils, and a lemon water mixture. I could tell right off the bat that the consistency wasn’t what it was supposed to be. When I ran out of that batch filling cupcake tins, I started another that used the same ingredients, just a different ratio. The second batch still looked a little off but I threw them into the freezer and hoped for the best. The next morning, I went to take the “bombs” out of the cupcake tins and they fell apart. They hadn’t even stuck together, it was kind of just like I had put a bunch of wet sand in a cupcake tin and the sand was just dry the next morning.

So, it was back to the drawing board. I found yet another recipe using the same ingredients, except no cornstarch and Epsom salt instead. I didn’t have any salts so I just decided to leave them out. I didn’t really think it would matter but apparently it did. When I dropped the bath bomb in the water, it did kind of fall apart and it made the water really pretty but it still didn’t have the fizz affect, which is the whole reason I wanted to make them. I was so discouraged and I was ready to just give up and spend even more money to buy some dang premade bath bombs.

BUT mama ain’t raised no quitter, so I decided to try one more time. The next recipe was a little different from what I had been following, so I decided to give it a try. From the moment I started mixing the liquid ingredients with the dry ingredients, I could tell that this might actually work. I added some coloring to make it pink (you know, in good spirits for Valentine’s Day) popped some cupcake shaped bombs in the freezer, and kept the positive thoughts flowing.

About an hour later, I took them out of the freezer and they were pretty solid. Already a good sign compared to the last three batches. I filled a bowl with warm water and….IT FIZZED. And then it kept fizzing until the whole bath bomb had disappeared and the water was a pretty pink and shimmered a little bit. I was so ecstatic that I had finally found a recipe that worked for me.

I’ll admit that the whole process was very frustrating, but I had fun trying different ingredient combinations and I was so proud when I finally got it right. If you’re interested in being crafty, I’ll be posting the recipe I used shortly!


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