Things to Thank My Dog For 

1. For keeping all of my secrets.

2. For licking up my crumbs instead of judging me for eating in bed.
3. Teaching me to appreciate the art of basking in the sun.

4. Teaching me to have patience when you’re learning a new trick, to potty train, etc. 

5. Reminding me to keep anything scented/flavored that I don’t want eaten or chewed up, off the floor.

6. How to clean up life’s “little messes” and still have a positive attitude.

7. How to take care of another living thing besides myself. 

8. Always being down to cuddle.

9. Protecting me, even though no one you bit was ever of any real harm.

10. Barking, as annoying as it was, to keep the bad guys away.

11. Keeping my feet warm in the winter because my room didn’t have any insulation.

12. It’s okay to look like a sausage, there’s more to love. 

13. Letting me pet your ears over and over again because they were so soft.

14. Sometimes you need to take a break from folding your laundry or making your bed to chase your hyper active dog around the house.

15. Your humans may not always come straight home, but you’ll always be waiting for us. There’s no loyalty like a dog’s. 


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