A Conversation You Regret NEVER Having

Unfortunately, not enough of us really understand that communication is key to any type of relationship. Any conversation that could have saved a relationship or prevented a lot of pain, that didn’t actually happen, is one that I regret. Most of the time, it’s telling people how much they mean to me when I have the chance. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye and they may never know how I truly felt. Also, I feel like there needs to be more conversations in my personal relationships, such as needs, likes and dislikes, as well as if there’s anything about the relationship that is bothering the other person. If something is wrong, it can’t be fixed unless someone steps up and talks about it. Dialogue is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. 

One of the conversations I regret not having the most was one that should have taken place years ago, right after I graduated high school. I think the reason that it bothers me so much is because it could honestly still happen today and have the same positive or negative outcome it may have had three years ago. Although it’s improved tremendously because of how much I’ve matured since then, it’s still a shitty situation to be in. And regardless of if I’m actually out of that situation already, it’s still something that I think about often and something that will always be one of my biggest “what if?”s. I’d like to think you know who you are. And if you do (hi.), just know that I’m never going to stop cheering you on. You’ll always have a friend in me, even if that’s all I’ll ever be, I’ll always be proud of that title. We’ve had plenty of meaningful conversations over the years, but not one that allows any closure. I’m thankful though because that permits out story to continue, no matter the direction. Only time will tell, and although I wish I already knew, I’ll wait to see where we’ll end up. 


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