Travel Dreams 

There are some times when I think to myself, “Why in the world did I start a blog?” I feel like I don’t have anything that is THAT meaningful to say, and it’s way too often that I find myself just so stumped and so uninspired on a topic. I just love writing and when I find something that interests me, or makes me feel some type of way, or I have a lot of knowledge on, I love sitting down and just letting it all flow.

In an effort to get some inspiration, I decided to check out what I could find as far as blog topics on Pinterest. One that kept popping up was about having writers discuss their travel dreams. It must have been a sign. As many of you know from this recent blog post, I’m suddenly into travel, so what better topic to try and write about?

I’ve always thought my ideal future would go something like this. I’d finish college, maybe meet someone special while I was there. I’d get a really good job in my field (whatever I decided that should be), I’d get married, buy a house, have three kids, a well behaved family dog. You know, the whole nine yards. Traveling wasn’t ever on the forefront of my mind. Sure it would nice if the opportunity arose, but I thought a family and stable living situation was so much more important.

But boy did that opinion change. And boy was it extreme.

I now have all of these crazy ideas to drop out of school, get an online job and a plane ticket and hope for the best.

Okay, so maybe not THAT extreme. But really? Who all of the sudden just decides to leave the country. Uh hi, that’s me. And I’m so excited.

Now for the actual plan I have in mind. I’m going to spend all of 2016 saving money. I’m going to work as many hours as possible, maybe sell some stuff online, take some paid surveys, the possibilities are really endless. My biggest problem is probably going to be the money that goes out, compared to what comes in. I have a serious shopping problem. Like really serious. I’m usually broke about a week before pay day, and those are some loooong weeks. One of my New Year’s resolutions is going to have to deal with the amount of money I spend. Reaching my goals is so much more important to me than whatever is on sale at Victoria’s Secret at the moment. Well… I’ll just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Along with saving all of the money I possibly can, I’ll get all of my paperwork in order. I’ll need a passport, I’ll have to find out if I need a Visa. When is the best time to buy a plane ticket abroad? I’ll plan to be in England for my first trip for around 4-6 months. With that being said, I’ll have to figure out if I can put a hold on all of the accounts that I won’t be using. Oh, and I’ll also need to exchange my currency, once I have it all saved!

I plan on going to England in January. Even I, big dreams and all, know that of course I can’t put all of my eggs in one basket. Something could come up, I could not end up saving enough money, etc. Things happen and I’m fully prepared to be shot down, just in case. Most important to me isn’t necessarily when I get to England, it’s just that I get there.

Once I get there, I want to spend the next 4-6 months getting to know and falling in love with a new town. I want to meet new people and try new things. While I’m there I also want to see as much of Europe as possible. Apparently it’s all very accessible by train or plane, and I’ll be able to cross a bunch off of my list of things I want to see! I have absolutely no problem staying in hostels while I’m visiting other European countries, or even using the app Couch Surfer. I’m totally open to new things, and that’s what I want with all of this traveling, especially if I have my best friend by my side.

As of now, I don’t think I’m going to want to stop traveling when I return from seeing England/some of the rest of Europe. And I’m sure I’ll feel even stronger about that once I have a taste of all of this newness. For now my goal is to save as much money as I can every year and then use that money to travel somewhere new. I have a whole list of places I want to experience, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of places to go.

I honestly don’t know where this travel bug came from but I’m so happy that it found me. I haven’t felt this passionate about something since the Jonas Brothers. And this is actually something real and attainable so it’s 10x stronger. I don’t think there’s anything in my life I’ve ever wanted this bad or given this much thought to, so I know that one way or another I’m going to make it happen. And I cannot wait.


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